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Communication is important?

Communication becomes an important part of your business. For companies that have many branches and large scale, communication is important in operations. Improve the quality of your communication to achieve satisfaction in running your business.

What is StabilisVOIP?

StabilisVoIP is a Stabiliskom service that focuses on VoIP Solution, PBX Cloud, Local Number Indonesia, System integrator VoIP.

StabilisVoIP main Service

Cloud PBX

For feature the PABX can be replaced with a Cloud PBX system, where without the need for device investment, your can have same features like PABX.

features our Cloud PBX:
Cloud PBX like your owned.
Outbound & Inbound Call
Auto attendance / IVR.
Extension IP Phone, Softphone, Mobile extension
Call Forwarding
Call transfer
Group call
Conference Call.

Local Indonesia and
International Number

We can provide phone number Indonesia area according to your company's needs. Office number (example Jabodetabek Area: 021 XXX) that looks professional for you at a low cost.

Provide Number:
Indonesia Area (From Sabang to Merauke).
150XXX (Example: 021 15012).
1500XXX (Example: 021 150123).
140XX (example: 021 14012).
0804XXX (Example: 021 0804123).
0800XXX (Example: 021 0800123) Toll Free.

Our VoIP Vendor

We help your business to upgrade communication system, so you can focus on your business. Our product IP Phone, Analog Phone, PABX, IP PBX, VoIP Gateway, Session Border Controller (SBC) and also support Communication with protocol SIP, PJSIP, E1/ISDN, H323, Analog (FXO and FXS). Here are some of our support Vendor that can be integrated with your Unified Communication.

Why choose us?


Dedicated Technical Support is available that will help solve technical problems in a more personal way.

Full Maintenance Service

Every Application that is done is always bundled with maintenance services to ensure the Application continues to run well even though the Web has been handed over to the Client.

Data Center in Jakarta

So that access speeds will be higher and more stable, because using an IIX connection is not IX.


Data stored on the server is safer because the backup system is reliable and the backup server is in a separate area.